The Department of Development Studies at the University of Dhaka cordially invites academics, researchers, practitioners and policymakers from around the world to contribute to the forthcoming international conference titled "Navigating Development Pathways in an Evolving Global Order." Scheduled for May 5 - 6, 2024, this conference aims to explore the intricate dynamics of Development Studies, particularly within the context of the global south, amidst the complex challenges of our contemporary world.

The prevailing global order is characterized by a multitude of challenges and tensions, including the failure of multilateral systems and institutions, the emergence of new forms of popular movements and struggles, and the increasing influence of geoeconomics. Amidst these complexities, geopolitical conflicts, socio-economic disparities, and environmental crises have become ever more pronounced.

In the face of escalating tensions between global powers, the rise of populist politics, and the urgent realities of climate change and energy shortages, countries in the global south, including Bangladesh, stand at a critical juncture. They are striving to chart sustainable development pathways that are in alignment with the ambitious targets set forth by the Sustainable Development Goals.

Against this backdrop, the conference aims to foster critical dialogue, interdisciplinary collaboration, and innovative thinking to address the multifaceted challenges of development. It provides a platform for stakeholders to examine the failures of existing multilateral systems, explore the dynamics of grassroots movements, and analyze the impact of geoeconomics on global development agendas in the evolving global order.

Through rigorous analysis and informed discourse, participants will endeavor to identify strategies, policies, and interventions that can navigate the complexities of the evolving global order while advancing sustainable and inclusive development strategies.

With this imperative in mind, the conference aims to serve as a pivotal platform for academics, researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to engage in robust discourse and exchange cutting-edge theories, models, and policies. Our objectives are threefold:

To examine current models and approaches

Foster critical examination and synthesis of existing development pathways and how the emerging challenges may affect or create opportunities for global south.

To promote context-sensitive approaches

Encourage the exploration and dissemination of development theories, models, and policies that are inherently culture-sensitive, context-specific, and responsive to the unique needs and aspirations of diverse communities.

To offer inclusive strategies

Facilitate dialogue and collaboration towards the formulation of development strategies that prioritize equity, justice, and environmental sustainability, thereby contributing to the realization of inclusive and resilient societies.


Publishing Proceedings

The conference aims to compile and publish the proceedings, ensuring that valuable research contributions are accessible to a wider audience and preserved for future reference.

Book with Selected Papers

Selected papers from the conference will be curated into books, providing authors with an opportunity for further dissemination of their work and showcasing notable research in specialized volumes.

Participation Certificates

Participants will receive certificates of participation, acknowledging their contribution to the conference and providing a formal recognition of their involvement in scholarly exchange and collaboration.

To discover more about the call for papers for our upcoming international conference, we invite you to download the document by clicking here. In this document, you'll find comprehensive details regarding submission guidelines, thematic areas of interest, and important deadlines.