Economy and Development

Pathways to Economic Diversification

In this theme, we seek to explore innovative approaches to economic development in the face of global uncertainties. Scholars are invited to critically analyze the evolving economic landscape, identifying challenges and proposing solutions that can contribute to sustained growth.

Key Issues:

Politics and Development

Pathways to Overcome Democratic Deficit

This theme focuses on the political dimensions of development journey of southern countries. Scholars are encouraged to investigate the challenges to democratic governance, the shrinking space for political pluralism, and the implications of recent political events on the nation's political future.

Key Issues:

Environment and Development

Pathways to a Sustainable and Resilient Future

This subtheme delves into the intricate relationship between environmental sustainability and development in southern countries including Bangladesh. Scholars are invited to explore strategies for mitigating the impacts of climate change, preserving natural resources, and fostering sustainable development practices.

Key Issues:

Inclusion, Gender and Justice in Development

Pathways to Inclusive and Just Society

This theme highlights the imperative of gender equality, social inclusion, and justice in the development process. Scholars are encouraged to examine existing disparities, propose inclusive policies, and explore avenues for enhancing justice and equity in various aspects of society.

Key Issues:

Digital Technology, New Media, and Development

Pathways to Transformation in the Digital Age

This theme focuses on the intersection of digital technology, new media, and their impact on the developmental landscape in Bangladesh and beyond. Scholars are invited to explore the role of technology in fostering economic growth, shaping political dynamics, and influencing social change in an increasingly interconnected world.

Key Issues: